Just because we can, really, must we?

I just saw this article on Architizer about a designer who created (via 3D printing) iconic cities for hermit crabs to use as homes/shelters.  This project is troublesome to me on a number of fronts. First, these "shells" are transparent acrylic, which makes the poor crustacean seem quite exposed, negating a large part of the rationale for the shell to begin with.  Second, must we impose our technological itches on these animals, simply because we can?  If these made the shells better, stronger, more interesting for the crab I would be all for them, but these proposals seem to be tippy and heavy and overall just a needless burden.  Why must the hermit crab endure the early 21st century obsession with 3D printing?  I would be very curious to know other points of views on this - am I lacking some crucial bit of imagination here or is it just another bit of tawdry exploitation of both technology and natural resources?